LYRA String Quartet
LYRA, Inc. acknowledges the dedicated effort of all artists, musicians and educators who have contributed to the community and educational endeavors of this organization, both in the city of Atlanta and in the Southeast, since 1998. The combined talent, inspiration and support that these individuals have provided has allowed the greater message of this organization to spread throughout the community in immeasurable ways. The measure of success of any non- profit arts organization is difficult to assess, but is undeniably felt in the recognition and spread of its message to its community.
"The performance of my Second String Quartet by the Lyra Quartet was precise, vivacious and knowing, and the collaboration was a joy from start to finish. I sincerely hope that I will have more opportunities to work with this terrific group."

-- Dr. Jon Jeffrey Grier, Composer
"These musicians (of the LYRA String Quartet) are first class all the way!"

-- Dr. Samuel Goldman, Executive Director of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
"We have attended many Spivey Hall concerts this year, and I do believe this one was the best - there was so much connection between the musicians and the audience!

-- Audience Member, Spivey Hall Noteworthy Young Peopleís Concert, 2009