LYRA String Quartet
J. Hardin Quartet 1st mvt (Video)
Tchaikovsky Quartet #1 - Moderato (Video)
Tchaikovsky Quartet #1 - Andante (Video)
Tchaikovsky Quartet #1 - Scherzo (Video)
Tchaikovsky Quartet #1 - Finale (Video)
Dvorak Bagattelles, Op. 47 - I. Allegretto scherzando (size: 1,886kb)
Borodin Quartet #2 - II. Scherzo:Allegro (size: 1,293kb)
Borodin Quartet #2 - IV. Finale:Andante - Vivace (size: 1,399kb)
"...The Lyra Quartet and George Lucktenberg, through their performance, have added a bright luster to the shining jewels of Dvorak's Bagatelles recordings.

-- Henry Doktorski, The Free-Reed Review, January 2002
"This is what a really first-class string quartet sounds like. They’ll remind us why we love music so much.

-- Monte Nichols, Conductor, Gwinnett Philharmonic, 2003
"Without a doubt that concert was the most motivating event that my students experienced during the school year."

-- Janalyn Lindley, Director, Forest Park HS, Clayton Cty, May 1999