LYRA String Quartet
Since 1998 LYRA, Inc.ís community engagement and educational outreach have provided an invaluable resource to the city of Atlanta and the Southeast. LYRA, Inc.ís mission is twofold - Community Service and Educational Outreach.


A string quartet-based group, LYRA promotes chamber music performance, education, and community service throughout the Southeast. Its semiformal "informance" concerts provide an interactive approach to music - making that engages the listener and nurtures connections and relationships through music. It transforms the usual roles played by performers and audience, by creating a musical experience in a setting and an ambience for which chamber music was originally intended. In a LYRA experience the boundaries of stage and expectation dissolve, and one leaves a performance feeling a profound connection that has been forged through the medium of the music. LYRA, Inc. has been a catalyst in starting up chamber music seriesí in such performance spaces as The Gould Room at St. Philips Episcopal Church and the Great Hall of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, and recreating in these venues the intimacy of chamber music performance that is sometimes lost in large modern concert halls.

LYRA, Inc. has staged community events in such varied locations as Borderís Books, the Gainesville Retirement Community, Reynoldís Park in Clayton County, Clayton County Performing Arts Center, Spivey Hall, The Fine Arts Center in Greenville, South Carolina and in many churches throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

The outreach program is unique to Atlanta. From 1998 - 2000, the LYRA String Quartet, through the String Quartet - in - Residence Program at Clayton College and State University, provided educational outreach to literally thousands of metro Atlanta middle and high school students, from Henry and Clayton, to Gwinnett and Cobb Counties. LYRA, Inc. has expanded its mentoring and outreach tremendously since 2000. From 2000 - 2006, the LYRA String Quartet was in residence at Forest Park High School, providing outreach, mentoring and tutoring to students of this school as well as surrounding middle and high schools, such as Babb and Forest Park middle schools, and Morrow, Jonesboro and North Clayton high schools. From 2002 - 2008, the LYRA String Quartet worked with the Sound/Learning Program, a nationally recognized outreach program, offered by Georgia State University in partnership with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. In 2002, the LYRA String Quartet mentored a string quartet from Spelman and Morehouse colleges; LYRA, Inc. sponsored this group to visit schools in order to showcase its talent and provide role models to young students considering a career in music.
In 2003, the LYRA String Quartet was invited to perform on the Spivey Hall Noteworthy Young Peopleís Concert Series. Since then the quartet has been invited back on numerous occasions. The LYRA String Quartet has been on the Touring Roster of the Georgia Council for the Arts since 2003. LYRA, Inc. has been the recipient of numerous grants, such as the Dekalb Council for the Arts Grassroots Arts Fund, Arts Clayton, Richard Franklin Arts Studios, Georgia Council for the Arts, and the Sound/Learning Program. From 2005 - 07, Callanwolde Arts Center sponsored the LYRA String Quartet to be in residence at Midway Elementary School. From 2005 - 06, the LYRA String Quartet traveled to Greenville, South Carolina to perform and present workshops to students at The Fine Arts Center and throughout Greenville County.

LYRA, Inc. continues to expand outreach activities in both public and private schools, offering performance, master classes, orchestral seminars, workshops and mentoring programs. By entering the schoolís orchestra or band room, in the studentís "home court", the quartet offers many students a chance to be part of a performance experience many would not ordinarily have. The unique, hands-on approach of the String Quartet allows the students to get close to the musicians while they are performing, giving them a true insider's perspective of the performing process.
LYRA, Inc. would like to thank the following teachers and their students:
Eileen Ahrens, Angela Baddock, Richard Bell, Richard Bomba, Carla Bosman, Douglas Brown, Alisha Buttke, Nathalie Colbert, Carol Doemel, Jonneen Edwards, Kay Fry, John Gardner, David Goodwin, Scott Hammond, John Harriman, Ben Hines, Perry Holbrook, Janalyn Lindley, Dana Lowe, Martha Lyn, LaJuanda Mensson, Anne Page, Carl Rieke, Cindy Ritter, Paul Robbins, Ryan Robertson, Cathy Saucier, Betty Schumann, Adrienne Thompson, and Ron Volz for their continued support and commitment to the arts in Atlanta.
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"The growth and outreach of the Lyra String Quartet has really been remarkable. Through their interactive public performances, and their outreach into secondary and post-secondary schools, they have been a model for others to follow."

-- Walton C. Bryde, President, LYRA Board of Directors
"We have attended many Spivey Hall concerts this year, and I do believe this one was the best - there was so much connection between the musicians and the audience!"

-- Audience Member, Spivey Hall Noteworthy Young Peopleís Concert, 2009
"The LYRA Quartet members were incredible. Every single one of them knew a lot about the music. They put so much enthusiasm into their performance!"

-- Student, Dunwoody HS, Dekalb Cty, May 2003
"I admired the way each one of them let themselves be captured by the music. They weren't distracted by their surroundings. It was as if they were in a room by themselves. I also like the way they let their bodies flow with the music...I thoroughly enjoy their playing for us and hope they visit more often."

-- Student, Dunwoody HS, Dekalb Cty, May 2003
"That second session in Chereck's room was classic Sound Learning. All of the presentations were great, but that second one left me breathless."

-- Suzanne Shull, Sound Learning Program, Georgia State University, December 2002
" shared such a high level of musical artistry with the children...we cannot capture in words the impact that being in the presence of such artistry may have, or the lasting impressions left by seeing such serious musicians at work."

-- David Myers, Director, Center for Educational Partnerships, GSU, December 2002