LYRA String Quartet
Music is the universal language of mankind.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
LYRA is all about Chamber Music...the intimacy and the connections made between performer, audience and, in a transitive way, the composer himself. In a LYRA experience the boundaries of stage and expectation dissolve, and one leaves a performance feeling a profound connection that has been forged through the medium of the music. Audience and artist blend in a collective, co- creative experience made possible when the music is allowed to ignite, inspire, and transform each individual’s perception at the moment of the live performance. The power of music, all music, lies in its ability to profoundly touch the soul of every listener in its own unique way, and yet create a connection that transcends the boundaries of gender, nationality, race, culture, or era.
Music is the shorthand of emotion.
- Leo Tolstoy
Music is about stories and feelings. The story of a composer’s life, of the loved one or inspiration to whom he dedicated a work, of his own concept of piece of music…interpreted through the medium of a group of contemporary artists who bring to the performance their own stories, felt and listened to by an audience with widely different backgrounds, experiences, and taste. If 50 people in a room experience a concert together, there are bound to be at least 50 different stories and impressions ignited in the imaginations of each participant.
What we play is life.
- Louis Armstrong
LYRA at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is about a musical experience in a setting and an ambience for which chamber music was originally intended. Originally a private home, Callanwolde sets the stage for the most intimate, personal sharing of some of the most profoundly moving music ever written, by artists and audience alike. A LYRA concert at Callanwolde is an experience that creates and nurtures connections and relationships through music, and invites every participant to leave with a smile on his lips and beautiful sounds in his ear.
Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.
- Charlie Parker
"The performance of my Second String Quartet by the Lyra Quartet was precise, vivacious and knowing, and the collaboration was a joy from start to finish. I sincerely hope that I will have more opportunities to work with this terrific group."

-- Dr. Jon Jeffrey Grier, Composer
"These musicians (of the LYRA String Quartet) are first class all the way!"

-- Dr. Samuel Goldman, Executive Director of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
"We have attended many Spivey Hall concerts this year, and I do believe this one was the best - there was so much connection between the musicians and the audience!

-- Audience Member, Spivey Hall Noteworthy Young People’s Concert, 2009