LYRA String Quartet
Can you help LYRA continue to grow and to expand its community service? The answer is yes!
The LYRA Auxiliary is the newest arm of LYRA, made up of volunteers who give their time and resources to support the ongoing work of community and educational outreach. Duties include ushering, receptions, fundraising events and raffles, assisting at outreaches, and many more activities. Because of the voluntary nature of this organization, each individual is asked to choose those activities that will best represent the talents that he or she can bring to our organization.
Join the LYRA Auxiliary, give to LYRA through grassroots support.
"As a band, their high standard of excellence and dedication to serving their community really shows in their performance. This certainly is a group to watch."

-- Norman Carol, Former Concertmaster, Philadelphia Orchestra
"I thought that the LYRA Quartet's presentation was one of the most influencial and heartfelt performances that I've ever seen. It was also great that they gave us a private lesson and offered to help us. I would love to see more of them"

-- Student, Sutton MS, Fulton Cty, April 2002
"I really loved the Quartet's presentation. It really made me think about my career as a musician"

-- Student, DCA-funded outreach to Shamrock MS, April 2002
" shared such a high level of musical artistry with the children...we cannot capture in words the impact that being in the presence of such artistry may have, or the lasting impressions left by seeing such serious musicians at work."

-- David Myers, Director, Center for Educational Partnerships, GSU, December 2002