LYRA String Quartet
Brand New Atlanta Community Orchestra! The ATLANTA SYMPHONY COMMUNITY STRING ENSEMBLE (ASCSE) is poised to begin its first season this fall!

Beginning Strings Classes offered through the Center for Music Education at the Woodruff Arts Center

Beginning Strings Classes are taught with a unique hands-on approach originally created by Judith Cox for the LYRA Academy. It is a successful strings group learning method drawn from several different sources, including the National Standards-based Expressions Music Curriculum. This innovative method incorporates both private instruction in a group dynamic, and group instruction in an orchestral setting, to create a cohesive and evenly progressive learning environment. Class sizes are small, allowing frequent one-on-one contact and demonstration between students and teacher. Classes are designed for students from complete beginners to intermediate/advanced levels.

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LYRA is about Chamber Music. LYRA began as an opportunity for artistry among a group of musicians in the Atlanta area in the late 1990ís. Fostered by the efforts of two of its founding violinists, husband and wife team Judith Cox and Raymond Leung, LYRA has blossomed in the past decade into one of the most recognized and far- reaching community and educational resources in the city of Atlanta. A string quartet-based group, LYRA promotes chamber music performance, education, and community service throughout the Southeast. In addition to its active performance schedule, LYRA is dedicated to sharing the joy and connective power of music to thousands of children of all ages throughout metropolitan Atlanta, offering coaching and teaching to students of all ages. LYRA presents the highest quality performances by musicians from the Atlanta area as well as internationally renowned guest artists. In its residency at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, LYRA is actively involved with special events, performances, workshops, and educational outreach.
Music is the universal language of mankind.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The power of music, all music, lies in its ability to profoundly touch the soul of every listener in its own unique way. LYRA delves into the amazingly rich expanse of music created by masters of the genre, from the diverse cultural traditions of peoples from around the world. LYRA at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is about a musical experience in a setting and an ambience for which chamber music was originally intended. In a LYRA experience the boundaries of stage and expectation dissolve, and one leaves a performance feeling a profound connection that has been forged through the medium of the music. A LYRA concert at Callanwolde is an experience that creates and nurtures connections and relationships through music, and invites every participant to leave with a smile on his lips and beautiful sounds in his ear.
Please join us as we embark on a journey of discovery through the fascinatingly imaginative world of great composers, great artists, and their profoundly inspiring music.
Judith Cox and Raymond Leung
Raymond Leung and Judith Cox
"As a band, the LYRA String Quartet's high standard of excellence and dedication to serving their community really shows in their performance. This certainly is a group to watch."

-- Norman Carol, Former Concertmaster, Philadellphia Orchestra
" shared such a high level of musical artistry with the children; we cannot capture in words the impact that being in the presence of such artistry may have, or the lasting impressions left by seeing such serious musicians at work."

--David Myers, Director, Center for Educational Partnerships, Georgia State University